February 13, 2014

'ZAP!!' by eLPy

I get to hang in South Africa today! The stop on the How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour today is at Eclipse Reviews.  Not every day you get to take part in a Book Blast!  Thank you so much, Janine! 


I’ve been reading That Which Lives Within, the poetry collection by eLPy, a friend of mine.  I just had to share.  I love this one for its playfulness, assonance, and enjambment.  It combines a lighthearted conceit with deadly seriousness. Thanks, eLPy!


by eLPy

things don’t fall in laps
except maybe lapses
in judgement, in time
relapses in addictions
afflictions, predispositions
of some form or
many others
whatever secrets under cover
keep you up
like a hover craft
you never land, never grounded
gotta keep far from that
undiscovered, uncovered but
never elusive, all inclusive
it doesn’t all come real quick
and as easy as it is
to slip, so you know.
you’ll fall before it falls
into your lap
your brain’s got more substance
than that
try and put it to use
while you’re waiting
for that something to fall
into your lap
I bet then, you’ll feel the
lightning              ZAP!

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