February 19, 2014

Beauty and Ambivalence

Today I get to visit Lisa's World of Books on the How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour!  Michigan, here we come! Thank you so much, Lisa and David!

Lone Wolf, southern Montana

This is where I spent my summers when I worked on our dude ranch growing up.  This is near one of our cabins where we would camp all summer and host dudes.  It's in southern Montana near the Crow and Cheyenne Reservation. It's beautiful, but you know how these things are.  The beauty and wonder of it is all tangled up with family and ambivalence. And that's why I'm a writer.


Russell Rowland said...

That is so beautiful!

Tamara said...

It is! One of those narrow canyons you see we called Bear Canyon because if you rode up it you could actually smell bears. :-)