February 9, 2014

T-1 on the 'How to Be a Man' Virtual Book Tour

I don’t usually post on Sunday, but it’s an exciting day.  T-1 on the How to Be a Man virtual book tour, and the Chilton Tippin at the Laramie Boomerang wrote a great piece about the book and about me. 

Here’s an excerpt.  Click over to the article if you’d like to read it all.

Tamara Linse wanted to be a man.
She grew up on a ranch near Lovell, the youngest of seven brothers and sisters.
In the day, she broke horses, chased cattle and mended fences.
Evenings typically found her keeping house with her mother and sisters.
Masculinity dominated ranching life, Linse said.
In her family, respect was measured in ruggedness and stoicism — in the ability to stand firm before pain or fear.
“What matters is what you can accomplish and getting the work done,” she said. “In my family, the girls went out and did everything the guys did, and then also came in and took care of the house and had the kids and did all of that as well.”

The book tour officially starts on tomorrow.  I can’t say thank you enough to all the book lovers and bloggers out there who are hosting me!  Here’s the stops (so far) on the tour.
How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour

Feb 10 - Mar 10  More stops will be added during the tour. Thanks for stopping by!

Feb 21 Books Direct
Feb 28 Booklover Sue 
Mar 10 Mythical Books
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