February 17, 2014

Tour Progress Report

Today on the How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour, I’m stopping by Cloey’s Book Reviews and Other Stuff.  I’m doing a guest post about why reading is a risky proposition. I mean, PAPER CUTS!


It’s been a month and a half but just a week on the How toBe a Man virtual book tour, and I thought I’d catch you all up on all the excitement.

I’m a book marketing newbie, but it seems to be going great! All that marketing background is getting put to good use, and the great thing about writers is that they write about their experiences and pass along valuable info about how to launch and to market.  I’m learning from the best.

I won’t run down all the things I’m doing (though if you’re interested, email me), but suffice it to say I have a lot of irons in the fire. I go from all out to collapsed and trying to catch my breath to all out again. (Maybe I'll do a long detailed post in the future.)

The blog tour has been fun.  I’ll be on the radio too and a number of other things.  It’s all new to me. Performance is not my medium ~ paper is ~ and so I’m a bit intimidated, but weighing on the other side is that it’s a subject I’m fairly familiar with. Hehe.

I’ve had a bunch of people stop me on the street and ask me if that was me on the front page of my local paper.  And what’s really great is that my seven-year-old daughter is my biggest ally ~ every time someone stops me when she’s with me, she says, “Buy Mom’s book!”  No prompting!

Sales are not  spectacular by national standards, but they’re decent ~ much more than I expected. I had set my sights low because, you know, short story collection, literary, etc., etc.  Thank you all who took a chance and bought the book!

Another reason I’m not at all disappointed is that I’m working on a career, not just one book, and so while I’m focusing my energy on this now, I have a novel coming out in July and another in January ~ both of which are complete ~ and I’m working on the next book.  A year and a half might seem like a long time, but dang I have to write and revise the next novel. Ack! It’d be great to stay two books ahead.

So, last and certainly not least, I wanted to thank you all! I’m having such a blast, and I hope How to Be a Man is a good read. I did my best to make it that way!

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