February 4, 2014


Love this piece by Emerald Depths

I’ve been reading ~ er, skimming ~ books on productivity.  This inevitably happens when I feel like I’m not getting enough done in my life.  Which is ironic because I’m being really very productive out of necessity, what with the book coming out.  Plus, 2014 came in with a bang in a number of other ways, and I’ve been totally slammed.

And since I’ve read these books before, they’re all tips that I’m familiar with, but it’s good to be reminded.  Prioritize the big things in your life.  Focus your time on those things that are important and in such a way that is the most efficient.  Try to keep your email inbox empty.  Go through and delete spam, do those things that take less than 2 minutes, and those that take longer file somewhere.  Let things go. Put your power where your passion is.

Of course, what makes this all the more complicated is that I have a natural long-cycle manic depressive cycle that pulls me first one way and then another. Boy, it’s great when I’m in the manic phase, but then I get to anticipate the inevitable crash.  

But, hey, I’m full-bore right now and it’s all good!  Keep on trucking!

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