February 24, 2014

Great Giveaways, Batman!

Today on the How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour, I get to stop by Saph's Book Blog.  Thank you for hosting me, Sapphyria!

Woman in Nairobi reading (via)
Wow!  The Goodreads book giveaway for How to Be a Man has ended, and people from across the globe have entered and won!!

I can’t tell you just how moved I am to put a copy of my book in an envelope and send it off to Hungary and India and Indonesia and England and Mauritius and imagine someone on the other end opening it and reading it. 

Imagine this copy that’s in my hands making its way in the world and perhaps touching another person.  I think about reading The Secret Garden as a child, how it brought me other worlds, how deeply it touched me. (Not that my book is anything like The Secret Garden, nor that I make any claims on its timelessness.)

Statistics:  869 people entered, and 20 people won.  Countries represented: India, England, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Netherlands, Canada, Hungary, Italy, and the U.S.

Go, little book, and may your new family fall in love with you!

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