August 6, 2012

The Onion

Are you familiar with the Onion? Of course you are.  America's Finest (Fake) News Source.  They are so consistently funny and so consistently right on.  Just fabulous.  And you can tell they're writers ~ their writer jokes get to the heart of all our foiables. 

For example, there's this news story.

Pile Of Crap Excites Publicist
NEW YORK—Thomas Hill, publicist for the Scarsdale & Loeb Group, expressed his excitement over a great big pile of crap Thursday. "I'm really excited about the marketing possibilities for this enormous heap of worthless crap," said Hill. "There's a lot of buzz in Hollywood about it. Confidentially, Paramount has expressed interest. I think crap is going to be big in '97, and this promises to be some of the best crap yet. It's really fresh and exciting stuff." Hill was paid $600 by the crap's agent for the minute-long remark.

And there's this.

I've said before ~ my sense of funny differs from some people, but I'd have to say the Onion is the most consistently funny of almost anything online!

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