August 8, 2012

Getting the Work Done

I'm thinking again about the continuing struggle to get the work done. 

That's the problem.  You don't just decide and then it's fixed.  It's a thousand small decisions every day, what to put off, what to do, how in the hell not to freak yourself out.

Which is directly in opposition to the way you (I) need to be to get the writing done.  I need mental space.  That's why running helps ~ I create this quiet calm space around me that allows me to relax enough to get the creative work done.

But all this is stuff I've talked about before.  I wish I'd have an epiphany, you know?  There'd be an explicit solution that would present itself. 

But there isn't.

I guess I must continue the good fight and take comfort in the fact that everyone else is right there beside me, giving it their best.

May your writing flow like the Wyoming wind.

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