August 15, 2012



I can tell: I'm a bit manic.  It's this sort of double consciousness.  I'm all go go go, launching new projects, throwing myself into things, riding the wave.  And then my super-ego stands there to the side and says, repeatedly, "Yep. That's cuz your manic.  You know your manic, right?"

But manic isn't all rainbows.  I get nervous when I'm manic.  It's like drinking too much coffee ~ you're on edge, you don't sleep well, you're flightly. 

And I'm more often the other way.  The depression sets in and I'm dragging myself along.

I think my thyroid is off.  I'm hypothyroid ~ a much under-diagnosed problem, especially among women ~ but now I'm apparently too much the other way.  Must get that checked.

The thyroid works like the accelerator.  Too much gas or too little. 

When there's not enough, when I'm hypo, I feel like I have a cold coming on all the time, tired, achy, rundown. I just feel icky ~ that's the technical term.  And there are other symptoms involving bodily functions that I won't go into.  But I can also feel bad when I'm hyper.

But the main problem with being manic is that I'm a hummingbird, doing this and doing that but having a hard time focusing.  The reason this is a problem is that I took a week off of work to get some writing done.  Boy, I'm getting a lot done, but unfortunately it's not the writing.

Today, I will turn away from you, oh internet overlord, and get some damn work done.

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