August 29, 2012

A Workingman's Vacation

Outside the Poudre River Public Library

I had the perfect little interlude yesterday.  My mom had eye surgery first thing in the morning ~ all went perfect and she's doing great ~ and we had to wait around Fort Collins for 4 hours before the post-op check.  Mom just wanted to sleep in the car.  I have a new laptop that I'd brought with me, so I thought, where can I get free wifi? 

Well, the public library of course! God bless public libraries.

I found a lovely one using the nav on my cell phone.  It's the Poudre River Public Library in Fort Collins.  With all the time in the world, I set up on a little shaded table in the lovely breezy next to a darling statue of two boys making faces.  I surfed and sent email while mommas and kids and lone single men and older people trailed in and out, the birds chirping madly in the trees. 

Altogether lovely.  A workingman's vacation, as my mom says.


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