July 9, 2010

Nice Notes

I received such a nice note from a complete stranger this morning. It said she’d seen some comments of mine on Facebook and looked at my work and liked it. She had such nice things to say. It brought such a smile to my face! Now we’re Facebook friends.

Every so often ~ not too often ~ I get these notes. They come like manna from heaven. To have someone you don’t know validate all your efforts and like your work. Wow. It’s much easier to send a note of criticism, I think, to flame someone who’s pissed you off. But to send a thank you, a good job, a note of praise ~ that’s something else entirely.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

What I’m Reading Today: More wonderful The Lie that Tells the Truth by John Dufresne.

PS Have a great time, Tin Housers! I sure am missing you guys.

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