July 28, 2010

Barnyard Biliousness

What I'm Reading Today:  Some technical documents.  Sigh.

Today, something a little lighter.  A poem I wrote in college.

Barnyard Biliousness

Love, like a chicken, is the finest of fowl.
Invariably oblivious, not wise like an owl.
Inconstantly peckish, perky, and proud,
It sits on its wits and cackles out loud.
Dove-like it coos, and hawk-like it squawks.
Leghorns are mild, but beware Bantam cocks.
Claws are like razors.  Rip you to shreds.
Befuddled, the farmer the rooster beheads.

Questions of the Day:  I don't write much poetry, though I have in the past.  Do you write outside your comfort zone?  Is it helpful?

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