July 22, 2010

The New and Improved Blog!

So why didn’t you guys all groan and tell me how dysfunctional that old blog was? Uh, by that I mean that the functionality of that blog sucks. Though I really like the design.

So ~ ta da ~ a new blog! I decided to switch from WordPress to Blogspot. Sorry ~ that means you’ll have to update your links and your feeds. I really am sorry. But I think you’ll like the new one because it’s a lot easier to use.

OLD blog ~

NEW blog ~

I will keep this old blog up, though, so our old links will still work, and there is a link on the new blog to this one.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll add a Question of the Day line to prompt you wallflowers to come out of the woodwork and to bloom gloriously. By that I mean, I would love to see your comments ~ rants, raves, insightful banter, not so insightful banter.

One more thing, I have fabulous news to share, which I’ll write up for tomorrow or the next day! It’ll be on the new blog. Stay tuned!

What I’m Reading Today: Reading? Are you kidding? I’ve been furiously tweaking html!

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