September 11, 2013

I am honored to have a piece up at Role/Reboot! Have you read the article in CNNMoney about men in traditional marriages tend not to promote women in the workplace? This is my response, "Men in Traditional Marriages Are Less Likely to Promote Women at Work. Here's What to Do About It."

An excerpt:

Men in traditional marriages are much more likely to deny promotion to women in the workplace, according to a study last year. In other words, if your boss is married to a woman who stays at home, you as a woman may not get that promotion, even if you’re qualified.
The study had several other key findings—that those same men are much more likely to view women in the workplace unfavorably, to perceive organizations with high numbers of women employees as operating less smoothly, and to view organizations with female leaders as “relatively unattractive.”
“The consistent pattern of results found across multiple studies employing multiple methods and samples demonstrates the robustness of the findings,” reports Sreedhari D. Desai (UNC Chapel Hill and Harvard), Dolly Chugh (NYU), and Arthur P. Brief (U of Utah).
Maybe we haven’t “come a long way, baby.”

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