February 11, 2010

Kindness Rocks

My mind is a bit of a convoluted mess today. Too little sleep last night. Plus I’ve had lots of distractions.

First, I got a nice rejection on a partial of the novel ~ even though it isn’t this agent’s cup of tea, she gave me great feedback on why. Such generosity with her time.

Second, an acceptance on a short story! Woo hoo! Nothing can make your day like flipping open your computer and pressing the on button, waiting, waiting, clicking onto the internet, bringing up your email, then seeing that sender is an editor or agent. Deep breath. You know it’s a rejection, but you hope it includes a nice note or maybe even an invitation to submit again. It pops up. It’s short, so of course it’s a rejection, probably a form one. But no! It’s an acceptance. We would like to use your story. Is it still available?

Third, an editor got back to me within an hour on a submission and gave me notes on the story. He said he’d like to see it again or to see another story! I’ve reread his note at least a dozen times. Not that I’m obsessively obsessing.

Fourth, another kind writer friend recommended me to an editor. I do not take these things lightly. They mean so so much.

So my heart is filled to bursting today with gratitude to the hard-working people who love stories as much as I do and who see something in my work. Or took the time to be kind. Palms to heart. In these cases, words are not enough.

What I’m Reading Today: More wonderful Erdrich.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

So... short story acceptance to where???

Tamara said...

A great little online litmag called Imitation Fruit. Thanks for asking!


PS I've been admiring all your great progress!