February 23, 2010

Emailing Writers and Readers

I’ve been having some wonderful email exchanges lately. Some of them are with other writers, and some are with readers who found my stuff and liked it. I love this for a number of reasons. First and foremost, people are infinitely fascinating, and I love connecting and talking about what’s important to them and to me. Second, I love being a fan among fans, you know? They read my stuff and like it and tell me so, and then I read their stuff and like it and tell them so. It’s just so cool to read someone new, someone you know via email, and to be totally blown away by it.

I definitely know what agents mean when they say that the writers they pick up are the ones whom they read and it makes them think, “They let me read this? Wow. I am so honored. I want to know more about this fascinating person.”

And connecting with people who aren’t writers is just as interesting. They’re fascinating people who are passionate about things, and I love hearing about what people are passionate about.

And, to be totally honest, I’m a needy writer person, so I love hearing that my writing meant something to someone. As with all writers, I put my heart on the page in the hopes that someone will feel what those characters are feeling. It’s nice to hear that they do.

What I’m Reading Today: More wonderful Harriet the Spy.

PS I got a rejection with a nice note today on the novel, as well as a very nice rejection from a literary magazine with an invitation to submit again. As my niece in the Army would say: HOOO-ah.

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