January 6, 2014



Isn’t it peculiar how one’s psychology is often a mystery to oneself?  How you may pin a mood on one thing, but it may also be due to something else.  I wonder if anyone has done any psychological research into this ~ explicit and known reasons for elation or depression vs. subconscious ones.  We are icebergs, are we not?


eLPy said...

Great post & imagery!

I have to agree with you. Sometimes you'll have an emotion that's justified, at least that's how you'll feel, until it passes and then suddenly in hindsight you don't understand what you felt as though it was someone else's!

We are definitely icebergs!

Take care!

Tamara said...

I love that - it feels like it happened to someone else. But it's so devastating (or great) at the time.

Take care too!