January 13, 2014

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: My New Short Story Collection!

My new short story collection How to Be a Man is available!  It’s been a long time in the writing and editing and creation of it.  I’m so proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it too. Here’s what it’s about.

“Never acknowledge the fact that you’re a girl, and take pride when your guy friends say, ‘You’re one of the guys.’ Tell yourself, ‘I am one of the guys,’ even though, in the back of your mind, a little voice says, ‘But you’ve got girl parts.’” – Birdie, in “How to Be a Man”

A girl whose self-worth revolves around masculinity, a bartender who loses her sense of safety, a woman who compares men to plants, and a boy who shoots his cranked-out father. These are a few of the hard-scrabble characters in Tamara Linse’s debut short story collection, How to Be a Man. Set in contemporary Wyoming—the myth of the West taking its toll—these stories reveal the lives of tough-minded girls and boys, self-reliant women and men, struggling to break out of their lonely lives and the emotional havoc of their families to make a connection, to build a life despite the odds. How to Be a Man falls within the tradition of Maile Meloy, Tom McGuane, and Annie Proulx.

The author Tamara Linse—writer, cogitator, recovering ranch girl—broke her collarbone when she was three, her leg when she was four, a horse when she was twelve, and her heart ever since. Raised on a ranch in northern Wyoming, she earned her master’s in English from the University of Wyoming, where she taught writing. Her work appears in the Georgetown Review, South Dakota Review, and Talking River, among others, and she was a finalist for an Arts & Letters and Glimmer Train contests, as well as the Black Lawrence Press Hudson Prize for a book of short stories. She works as an editor for a foundation and a freelancer. Find her online at tamaralinse.com and tamara-linse.blogspot.com.

Print and ebook versions are available for purchase at these and other online retailers. Happy reading!

Here's what's coming this week.  Tomorrow I’ll post an excerpt from the collection.  Wednesday I'll talk about how it was written.  Thursday, I’ll talk about how it was published, and Friday I’ll give you a teaser about what’s coming down the pike in the future.    


Russell Rowland said...

Congratulations, Tamara! I'm thrilled for you, and you know why.

Tamara said...

Thank you so much! That means so much!

I loved loved your blog post about your publishing experience, BTW (as you know). :-)


eLPy said...

Congratulations! Publishing is a big deal, exciting and sometimes anxiety-producing. Sounds like an interesting collection of stories. Good luck with marketing and all that goes along with being a published author. Looking forward to hearing about your process in your future posts.

Oh are you on Goodreads?


Tamara said...

Thank you so much, eLPy! Absolutely exciting and anxiety-producing. I can definitely see how you want a team for marketing a book - cuz it's a lot for one person.

I am on Goodreads, though I haven't been very active. I am planning on remedying that in the near future though.

May your writing flow like the Wyoming wind!