March 7, 2014

In Which I Dish on Old Boyfriends (Not Really)

I am having such fun on the How to Be a Man Virtual BookTour.  Yesterday,  I had two great stops on the tour.  I stopped by Lissette E. Manning’s blog, TheRandom Musings of a Writer.  Thank you, Lissette! 

She just nailed the book in her review, I thought:

While it may look like the stories are randomly thrown together, they’re not. They center around the theme of how to assert yourself in any situation. To make decisions based on what moves you and what’s in your heart. Some might consider the title to touch on the subject of how to actually be a man. To live life through a man’s eyes, but it’s far from that. The title itself is used in a metaphorical sense.

I also had the distinct pleasure to chat with Desmond Haas at the Romance Radio Network.  He’s a wonderful writer and a great reviewer, and the conversation ranged from how How to Be a Man relates to romance to why I broke up with my boyfriends.  (Admit it ~ you're curious!)  Thank you, Desmond, for the great conversation and the thought-provoking questions! 


Click here to listen to the interview.

I can’t thank you both enough!!

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