March 3, 2014

A WebTV Interview with Julia Widdop, Talk Story TV

I was so honored to visit Julia Widdop at Talk Story TV last week!  I didn't have a chance to post then ~ as I was at AWP ~ but I wanted to make sure and thank Julia for her wonderful energy and all the great things she does for books, and I also wanted to make sure to post the video.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a few glitches, but you can listen to it, if nothing else. Again, thank you so much, Julia!

Today I'm visiting Bertena at Midnight Musings for the How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour.  I'm so thankful she's hosting me! Everyone's been so gracious.  So make sure to check that out.

And for the rest of the week, in addition to my whistlestops and even a radio interview, I'll be posting the AWP writers conference wrap up.  I'll post generally about the conference and then about each panel and reading I went to.  I just got back today, and I'm exhausted, but it's been so great ~ I can't tell you how much!! Well, I will tell you ~ tomorrow. There'll be a lots of good information on craft and on promotions and on the great writers who are hard at work today. 

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