November 21, 2011

Montage Monday

On Saturday, in addition to ballet, grocery store, and birthday party/swimming at the rec center, we went to a Lego party at the train depot.  It was so much fun!  There were snacks and lots of nice people, and the kids loved it.  It was put on by the Historic Laramie Railroad Depot and COWLUG (Colorado & Wyoming Lego User Group). Here's some pics.

Here's an overview.

One of the great things was that the people who put it together have such a sense of humor.  Everywhere you looked there was something new.  That's a dragon eating the car dealership. Oh, and behind here is the Octopi Wall Street, with a bunch of octupuses taking over.

Yes, indeed. That's aliens turning ostriches into pigs.

Fumigation.  If you've ever been in one of those little blue toilets, you totally understand.

Who knew carrots would encourage dinosaurs?  And that there were carrots in the age of dinosaurs.

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