November 24, 2011

Bravery on This Day of Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate!  Best wishes for the holiday season to all!

There are many things to be thankful for, but today, most of all, I'm thankful for bravery. 

I think bravery is something we need in big ways, sure ~ do I take the plunge and get married?  do I take that job? ~ but even more importantly, we need small everyday braveries.  Things like getting out of the bed, choosing what to wear, getting on the subway or braving the weather, meeting the boss when she calls you into her office, resisting buying something you don't need. Daring to imagine yourself differently in millions of tiny ways.

And the bravery to create.  That's a biggie.  There are many who have given up, many who have taken the road of cynicism and snide comments and tearing down of others who are trying to be brave, trying to create.  They are the destroyers, the crazymakers, the chicken shits.  They cannot find the generosity, the courage, the love within themselves and toward others and themselves.  He or she needs to dare to imagine him- or herself a new person, a more generous one, a generative one. They need to embrace and love, rather than pinch and shut down.

This year, I am thankful for what bravery I have, and I wish for all of you the bravery large and small that you need to get through the hour, the day, the week, the life.


Carissa Lentz said...

Thank you for your encouragement today! It's easy to give up on writing and find something else to do (clean the bathroom, wash the dishes, go shopping for matching hot pads to pull the turkey out of the oven with). It really does take bravery sometimes.

Tamara said...

You go girl!!

It really is so hard. We don't just get in our own way ~ the world actively works against us.

I tell myself: If just one person out there gets just a little of what I have gotten from so many of the people I've read, it'll be worth it. Not only that, but you are honor-bound to get it out there, to help other people ~ make them see a new viewpoint, entertain them, move them.

You can do it! :-)