June 15, 2011

A Kickass Exploration of Metaphor

Over at Gotham, James Geary has this great piece on metaphor, "Metaphor and Pleasure: Experience is a comb that nature give to bald men."  I love the exploration, the sussing out of the ligamen, the exploration of metaphor's history.  A must-read for writers.  I can't wait to read I is an Other, his new book.  (Because, you know, you and I are geeks about this kind of stuff.)

Catch his TED talk here.

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Daisy Hickman said...

Hi Tamara! Had to stop by and say hello. Reading the Annie Proulx memoir, Bird Cloud, and thinking of you. I do enjoy her writing and the book is good (of course). Wyoming is one of those states that just produces great writers! Have a lovely summer. (BTW, editor in SunnyRoomStudio this week -- you might enjoy his remarks!)