June 10, 2011

The Band Sorry, No Sympathy

I was talking with my great friend Kim, who is a fabulous artist, yesterday. She mentioned that her son had a band and showed me their Facebook and Myspace pages. I have to say, I was totally blown away.

The band is called Sorry, No Sympathy, and they play hardcore metal/screamo. Wow. Their music just rocks. The band members are Chase Corrigan on voice, Trevor Kuma on guitar and voice, Jesse Riter on guitar, Sean McGee on bass, and Blaise Turcato on drums. Blaise is Kim’s son.

Their bio:

Since their inception in January 2010, Sorry, No Sympathy has been writing and playing music focusing in the genres of metal and hardcore. Be on the look out for their EP release of "Give a Boy a Gun", due out in May of 2011.

You know how it is when you hear so and so has a fairly new band. You think, ah, that’s nice, I bet they sound a little rough. But these guys DO NOT. They’re music is so pulled together and blood-pumpingly raw (in the good way). They write their own songs, and their latest have been based on a book called Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser. It’s about a Columbine incident, and what little I read was horrible and great, if you get my meaning.

My favorite of their songs so far is “The Cave You Fear.” I particularly like the rif starting at about 2:45.

I’m sorry ~ I don’t know much about all the bandmates, and only a little about Blaise. He created the posters and the album cover himself (without the assistance of his mom the kickass artist). The album cover has a haunting image of a boy standing by a window, blank wall at his back, lace-curtained window at his side, toys around his feet, a semi-auto in his hands. The model is another of Kim’s sons, Reece.

I am so totally blown away by people who follow their passion and create art. Art is damn hard. Whether it’s music or writing or drawing or graphic design or whatever, it takes so much effort to put it all together, to pull it out of yourself and present it to the indifferent world. You can tell when something comes from a person’s deepest emotions and fears and self ~ it hums with authenticity and moves you, when all around there are things that try to move you in a surficial way and merely serve to numb you further. I love art that takes me out of myself and my complacency. Sorry, no sympathy does that.

So, music producers, take note. And everyone else too. Fan them on Facebook, fan them on Myspace, check them out on YouTube, listen to their music, and wait with baited breath for their first self-produced album, Give a Boy a Gun, hopefully out soon.

In the meantime, enjoy their show at the Gothic Theatre in Denver.

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