January 5, 2010

Reality Descends

A new year ~ and way too much to accomplish. Easy for life to get in the way of art. So here’s to keeping the nose to the grindstone. Cheers.

What I’m Reading Today: The short story “Safari” by Jennifer Egan in the New Yorker. A fabulous story, so complex yet clearly expressed. Confession: I burst into tears at the end. I’ve been a fan of Egan’s ever since I read The Keep. There also was a great interview of her in Poets & Writers a few years ago. (In it, they used the phrase “eerily prescient,” which my husband and I joke about. “How eerily prescient,” we’ll say of this or that.)

PS Soon you'll get a break from my droning on to be graced by the infinite wisdom of another Cool Person Guest Blogger. Stay tuned.

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