January 3, 2010

Happy New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

I love the new year, and I’m someone who always makes a resolution. Unlike a lot of people, I love new year’s resolutions. I mean, if you’re a secular person and don’t regularly attend church, where else are you urged to be a better person, to think long term, to make yourself (and the world) a better place. This is a good thing, I think ~ to try to improve, to do better.

Yes, many of our resolutions are too grand, too ambitious, but what are ideals for if not benchmarks to shoot for. And I think the effort is worth it. It makes us all better people.

Let’s hear it for resolutions.

What I’m Reading Today: I’m finishing up the Anchor Anthology and I’m reading Edward P. Jones The Known World. I love how Jones gives us the life stories of all his characters and we go in and out of points of view all the time yet we’re never confused. I like how nuanced and muddy the world is yet you totally understand it. Plus, I’m totally psyched because Jones is visiting the University of Wyoming and (hopefully) I get to take his workshop!

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