May 22, 2012

“I’m Going to Die on the Battlefield,” or Wonderful Amateurs

This is what art should be. People doing what they love.  This is EmiSunshine Hamilton singing “I’m Going to Die on the Battlefield.”  You can just see how she loves it, how she puts her whole body and soul into it. She’s got that je ne sais quoi, that certain something.

And I would suggest that, in the chicken and egg that is promotion of the creative arts, it’s the art that’s the most important. It’s the artist putting their everything into it.  Witness Susan Boyle and Adele and so many more.  They’ve got the right stuff, and it doesn’t matter that they don’t quite fit the mold.

There are a number of videos of EmiSunshine on YouTube, so if you’re avoiding work, down the rabbithole!

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