May 25, 2012


Doppelganger. by Laurie Luczak

My name is uncommon.  On the web when I was setting up my website, I could only find one other person who had a similar name ~ Tamara Linse-Worman, who is a lovely artist in Minnesota.  Even when I was still single, my maiden name Tamara Tillett was uncommon, with only a gospel singer in, I want to say, Ohio.

I know some people have the opposite problem ~ lots of namesakes.

But yesterday, I came across someone with my exact name on Facebook, and so I friended her.  She’s German (my husband’s family originates in Germany and Poland) and young and beautiful. I don’t speak German, but a lot of people in Europe have the courtesy to speak English. *smile* And there’s always Google Translate.

Which got me thinking about doppelgangers.  Which makes me want to write a story.  Hmmm ….

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