September 14, 2015

Audiobook of 'Deep Down Things' Available Now!

Hello, Campers.

I wanted to officially announce the audiobook version of the novel Deep Down Things!

Here's a little about the novel.  It's an emotional roller coaster ride.
Deep Down Things, Tamara Linse's debut novel, is the emotionally riveting story of three siblings torn apart by a charismatic bullrider-turned-writer and the love that triumphs despite tragedy. From the death of her parents at 16, Maggie Jordan yearns for lost family while sister CJ drowns in alcohol and brother Tibs withdraws. When Maggie and an idealistic young writer named Jackdaw fall in love, she is certain that she's found what she's looking for. As she helps him write a novel, she gets pregnant, and they marry. But after Maggie gives birth to a darling boy, Jes, she struggles to cope with Jes' severe birth defect, while Jackdaw struggles to overcome writer's block brought on by memories of his abusive father.

I'm so excited about this ~ I can't tell you.  It's read by the inimitable P.J. Morgan. P.J. is this amazing voice actor who goes that extra mile.
P.J. has a bachelor's in linguistics, with an emphasis on phonetics. Speech sounds and language as both a phenomenon and a science fascinate her. She has many years of stage and screen experience and a love for the written word. She loves reading audiobooks, and using her voice to tell stories. She is also an author, working towards publication of her first novel and has done NaNoWriMo for many years. You can find her at or
So this is my teaser-trailer post to the audiobook version. Later in the week, I'll post a snippet of P.J.'s wonderful rendition, I'll talk a little about P.J. and then about the four points of view in the novel and how she nailed it,  I'll talk a little about how the novel was written, and more.  I hope you enjoy it!

In the meantime, the audiobook is available here:

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