June 5, 2015

Buck Tilton, Cool Person

Today, I’m capping a week of talking about the amazing people I presented with at the Wind River Outdoor Writers Conference.

Buck Tilton
Buck Tilton was our Host with the Most who organizes the Wind River Outdoor Writers Conference and teaches at Central Wyoming College.  He is the Master of the Mountain, man, the Authority of the Outdoors.  He has written and published 43 books (43!) about enjoying and surviving in the outdoors.  Amazing. 

I’ll list the amazing things about Buck:  He’s written 43 books. (Did I mention: 43?!)  He makes everyone around him feel welcome, which made this conference one of the best I’ve ever attended. I'm sure the other presenters and the attendees feel the same way.  He’s a big huggable bear of a guy who you’d totally follow into the wilderness. And he teaches a mean class and is a master connoisseur of fine scotch.

After the conference, we all went over to Buck and his wife Kathleen’s house to sample some scotch and talk.  The night got a little blurry there in the middle, but between telling stories on ourselves about the most (possibly) illegal things we took on planes, rewriting the marketing language on the sides of the scotch bottles, and talking in very bad Scottish brogues, it was perhaps the best night for fun and friends in the history of the world. Just maybe.

Here’s his bio:
A teacher of English composition and literature, an author with 43 books and more than 1300 magazine articles behind him, Buck loves his family, the wild outdoors, and the educational process. Tilton has been writing professionally since 1980 and has had 43 books published. He is the recipient of the Paul Petzoldt Award for excellence in wilderness education, the Warren Bowman Award for contributions to wilderness medicine, and the Ben Franklin Award, given to the second best humor book of the year. His book Wilderness First Responder received an award for excellence from the American Medical Writers Association. He has written more than 1,300 magazine articles, and his column has appeared in Backpacker magazine for 24 years. Buck transfers his credibility as a writer easily to the classroom where his experience and expertise form a solid foundation from which he teaches. Buck has regularly volunteered as a rescuer at Alaska’s Denali National Park and spent a summer in Haiti teaching emergency medical skills following the earthquake.

Buck, seriously, quit being so damn cool!

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Unknown said...

This is a great post about a remarkable man, that I'm proud to call my friend. Thanks for posting.