March 2, 2015

Bewitching Book Tour for Earth's Imagined Corners

Welcome! Today is the first day of my Bewitching Book Tour for the historical novel Earth's Imagined Corners! I'll be hanging out at all the coolest places on the interwebs. I hope you'll join me.

My first stop is Andi's Book Reviews.  I get to chat with Andrea about my relationship to the past. I always joke that I was raised in the 1880s, but it really wasn't halcyon days for women.  But it makes for good fiction! Here's a taste:

I’m honored to be hanging out with Andrea today on the fabulous Andi’s Book Reviews!
She asked me these great questions relating to my historical novel Earth’s Imagined Corners: Why do you feel you belong in the 1800s? If you could blend today's society and that of the 1800s, what aspects of each would you include?
Well, it isn’t so much that I feel that I belong in the 1800s. In fact, I think it would have been pretty tough to be a woman in that time period. You were property in the true sense of the word: for most of the period, you couldn’t own anything because it belonged to your husband or father. You did not “own” or have any legal rights to your kids. You were at the mercy of the men in your life and had not legal or social right to much of anything.
It’s not that I feel I belong there. It’s that I joke I was raised in the 1800s. That’s because I was raised on a ranch in Wyoming that did things old style. Over the summer, we would take cows to summer pasture and live without running water and electricity and ride horses to get pretty much everywhere. Over the winter, we rode the bus 25 miles both ways to get to school, and the pipes would often freeze so you had to go to the outhouse. We had a party line for a phone, which meant you could listen in on your neighbors. There were always dangerous animals around. If it wasn’t my uncle’s buffalo and ostriches and kangaroos (wallaby), it was the bears coming down off the mountain to eat the apples in the orchard across the creek.
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And if you'd like to join me for the rest of the tour, here are my stops. I'd like to thank the lovely Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours!

Bewitching Book Tour for Earth’s Imagined Corners, March 2 - April 2

March 2 ~ Andi's Book Reviews

March 3 ~ Roxanne’s Realm

March 4 ~ Lisa’s World of Books

March 5 ~ Fang-tastic Books

March 6 ~ The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

March 9 ~ Mythical Books

March 10 ~ Deb Sanders

March 11 ~ Eclipse Reviews

March 11 ~ Author Karen Swart

March 12 ~ Deal Sharing Aunt

March 18 ~ Shut Up and Read

March 19 ~ BookwormBridgette's World

March 20 ~ 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, &, Sissy, Too!

March 24 ~ More Romance Please

March 25 ~

March 26 ~ feedmeinbooks

March 27 ~ CBY Book Club

April 2 ~ Books Direct

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lil_lady_dz said...

Great questions relating to your novel and loves our answers, I also really enjoyed the excerpt. Love that the book is set in the 1880's.

Tamara said...

Thank you so much!! I am honored!!