August 11, 2014

‘Deep Down Things’ Online Book Tour Begins Today!

Today is the day!! The first day of the online book tour for Deep Down Things, the novel!*  

First of all, I would like to thank Roxanne Rhoads at Bewitching Book Tours for her invaluable expertise and assistance with this.  She’s the hostess with the mostess and someone who gets things done.  Even when I’m dragging my own heels. Thank you, Roxanne!

I’ll be posting every day about the great places I’m stopping and the crazy things I’ll be admitting to.  Ahem.  There’s also a $100 gift card giveaway and there will be a Goodreads book giveaway and more.  It’s fast-paced and fun and I’d love it if you’d stop by and say hi! And, if you’ve been looking for a good read, you might check out Deep Down Things.

My first stop of the the tour is Lisa’s World of Books. I’m so thankful to Lisa for letting me stop by, and I’m with her on the wonderful summers (and I imagine the short winters) in Michigan.  You gotta have something to keep you going, and reading is it!

An excerpt:
Deep Down Things is a tragedy. Why don’t you write happy endings?
My mom asks me that all the time, as do a couple of my sisters. I fear I was born with a broken funny bone. I find things funny, but they’re usually English geek kinds-of-things—Monty Python, Terry Pratchett. The things that most people find funny, I usually find incredibly sad or incredibly angry. One of the reasons why, I think, is because the basis of a lot of humor is stereotyping, reducing someone to one dimension, and my goal in writing is to find the complexity of life, to express lived reality. That’s why I’m drawn to the genre of literary. (Not at all to insinuate that the other genres are anything less!) I don’t think of my endings as dark—what I often try for is closure without resolution, which is the way life is. There’s always a tension when I write between the messiness and meaninglessness of life and the creation of a satisfying piece of art.
Thank you again, Lisa, and everyone out there! 

If you'd like to pick up Deep Down Things, it's available at IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other wonderful online retailers. And you can also talk to your local bookstore to order it in.

* A hat tip to all the great friends who are so patient as I go through the convolutions of promotion.  Thank you so much! You are the stars that shine brightest in my sky!

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