July 23, 2014

Much to My Mom's Chagrin

The Wabash Band

I am not a musician, but music moves me.  I can be in a rotten mood, but if I put on headphones with a bit of jazz, it immediately calms me.  I like writing to music, and what it is depends on my mood. If I’m writing professional work stuff, I like something without words ~ classical or nature sounds or jazz ~ and if I’m writing fiction it tends to be something that has the feeling of what I’m writing, not necessarily acoustic. And I love all kinds of music ~ rock to rap, jazz to classical, country to opera.

Much to my mom’s chagrin. She is an excellent violin and viola player, and her family lived and breathed music.  My grandpa Joe Fisher had his own orchestra in Iowa, which my uncles played in, and he played with John Philip Souza in Chicago. My mom has been in orchestras throughout her life. Even for all those years out on the ranch, she was able to drive 45 miles to a nearby community college to play in the orchestra there. I have lovely memories of after the yearly concert going to the restaurant Hansels & Gretals in Powell, Wyoming, and eating huge plates of French fries. 

Mom tried her best to get me to like music.  Also art, and that stuck, but not music.  We were required to take band when I was a kid.  Mom wanted me to take the bass, and Dad the clarinet like Benny Goodman, and the clarinet won.  A good choice, really, as I’d have had to lug that bass on and off the bus and everywhere.  And my backpack was already stuffed to the gills with books! 

But even the neophyte like me appreciates music.  I am moved by music.  It takes me out of myself to another calmer place.  And in all the arts I love seeing someone who’s really good at it.  One of my favorite things in the world is to come across someone who throws their whole body and self into their art, and that’s why every once in a while I binge on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, though I don’t hardly watch TV otherwise (only because I’m too busy).

And so I wanted to share this with you.  I LOVE the artistry of these guys, and the effect of the grain bin is eerily amazing.  This is Wabash Band, Brandon McDuffee on vocals and Quinn Bible on guitar.  See how they throw their whole bodies into it, how you can feel the yearning and the mastery.  

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