January 17, 2014

‘I Love Your Short Story Collection. What’s Next?’

Girl Reading, by Fongwei Lui

Let’s say hypothetically you saw the blurb on How to Be a Man and were somewhat intrigued. You looked up my website and thought, hmmm, and took a chance.  You downloaded a copy on your Kindle or you forked over almost $15 to be able to hold a nonvirtual copy in your hands.  And let’s just say that you liked it.  When might you get your hands on something else from me, a novel perhaps?

I’m here to answer that question.

Coming in July of 2014 is a novel set in contemporary Colorado called Deep Down Things.

Deep Down Things

Nobody talks about the dark side of creativity.  That the drive to create stems from loss.  And, whether it’s a child or a book, some creations are destined to have short lives.  From the death of her parents at sixteen, Maggie Jordan yearns for lost family.  When she and an idealistic young writer named Jackdaw fall in love, she is certain that she’s found what she’s looking for.  As she helps him write a novel, she gets pregnant, and they marry.  But after Maggie gives birth to a darling boy, Jes, she struggles to cope with Jes’s severe birth defect, while Jackdaw struggles to overcome writer’s block brought on by memories of his abusive father.

Coming in January of 2015 is a historical fiction set in 1885 Iowa and Kansas City called Earth's Imagined Corners.  It’s the first in a three part series.

Earth's Imagined Corners

In 1885 Anamosa, Iowa, Sara Moore is a dutiful daughter, but when her father tries to force her to marry his younger partner, she must choose between the partner—a man who treats her like property—and James Youngblood—a kind man she hardly knows who has a secret. When she confronts her father, he beats her and turns her out of the house, breaking all ties, so she decides to elope with James to Kansas City with hardly a penny to their names.

And in the meantime, I'm working on some other really great projects too.  Stay tuned!


Russell Rowland said...

I love the premise, Tamara. Keep writing!

Tamara said...

Thank you so much, Russell! That's so great to hear.

I hope your writing is flowing like the Wyoming, er Montana?, wind!