July 2, 2013

Toxic People


So, some idiot that I hardly know on Facebook said something about getting tired of toxic comments and unfriending and unfollowing those people.  I thought it was an excellent idea ~ you should be free to associate with whom you want to and not with those you don’t.  It’s your prerogative.  I like the idea of removing toxic people from your life.  

So I said so.  I commented, “That’s what’s great about being an adult. You get to choose who you associate with.”  I should have known better.  He wrote, “Tamara, you’re outta here” and unfriended me.

It shouldn’t bother me, but of course it does.  That’s why I’m writing this blog post ~ to help purge it.  Must develop thicker skin. That said, I’m happy not to be friends with someone who takes good will and twists it.  Ironic, though, that he saved me the trouble of doing exactly what he was trying to do.

Have a happy life!

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Ladyluck said...

First, it's great to have you back in my inbox! Second, I don't understand why the acquaintance unfriended you. It sounded to me like you were supporting his stance. A similar thing happened to me. Toxic family member attacking my husband and me on Facebook. So, we unfriended her. When she complained to another family member, our response was this: "She was being unfriendly. She wasn't being a friend. So, we unfriended her." What more is there to say? It's the equivalent to hanging up on someone when they are screaming at you on the phone. You have to eliminate their ability to enter your life. Hang up. Ignore the doorbell. Decline invites. Don't reply. Unfriend. Same story, different technology.