January 16, 2013

‘Bad Writing,’ a Great Video

One of the things I love about Facebook is the infinite possibilities to discover new artists.  Lo and behold, yesterday I came across husband and wife Vernon Lott and Jennifer Anderson (and sister Gina Lott) of Morris Hill Pictures, Lewiston, Idaho.  They did a fabulous video called Bad Writing, which can be viewed for free on Vimeo this month.  It features a whole host of amazing writers talking about beginning writers and their own process.  George Saunders and Margaret Atwood and a host of others have some very interesting things to say. 

Check it out! (And I’ll be looking for great things from Morris Hill in the future!)


Carissa Lentz said...

Thanks for sharing! Sometimes I feel anxious about keeping all my bad poems from high school (what if someone finds them!), but this film reminded me about why I can never bring myself to throw them away when I try.

Tamara said...

I like to think that all that bad writing made the good writing possible, you know? That you couldn't get to the good parts if you didn't do all that less-than-good. In that way, you can be proud of them, as they represent a lot of hard work and growth!

Thanks for stopping by!