April 12, 2012

The Titanic Centennial

The Alleged Culprit, from

Enough ponderous pontification!  How about that Titanic centennial!  There’s been a lot of great links lately, so here’s a roundup.

· ~ The wiki entry to give you some background.
· ~ The first of two exceptional links.  The fabulous New Yorker article about the cultural impact of the disaster.
· ~ The second of two exceptional links.’s indepth look with exceptional photos.
· and and ~ Links all about the Titanic.
· ~ photography of the wreck.
· ~ facts about the Titanic.
· ~ The 1997 blockbuster movie.
· ~ Was Titanic’s sinking more than human folly?
· ~ A collection of articles by Discovery.
· ~ Inquiries into the disaster.
· ~ Titanic stories from Ireland.
· ~ Titanic 100 from the BBC.

The writer Teju Cole @tejucole, who tweets the ironies of newspapers of 100 years ago in “small fates,” says he might tweet about it, too.  I can’t wait.

Down the virtual rabbithole!

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