March 7, 2012

Making You Feel, Part 4

Couple Reading, by Natoly Art

Today, an observation.  Women read fiction and men read nonfiction.

Vast generalization, I know.  I haven’t taken the time to do the research to verify this, but it seems like I’ve read this over the years.  I did look at the recent NEA report about our reading Reading on the Rise but couldn’t find it.

So why is this?  I have a theory.

Exhibit A.  At least the way I was raised, boys were taught to suppress their feelings while girls were expected to cultivate their emotional intelligence. Therefore, when they grow up, men are uncomfortable with emotion while women seek it out.

Exhibit B. The goal of most fiction is to make you feel, while the goal of a lot of nonfiction is to make you think.

Ergo, women read fiction and men read nonfiction.

What do you think?  Crackpot idea?

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