March 25, 2011

Hiatus - and News!

Well, it's time that I came clean and admit that this blog is going to have to go on hiatus for a bit.  The reason?  I'm deep in novel revisions.  I'm making great progress (about 4 pages a day), but between that, my day job, and you know five-year-old twins and a husband, I find my time a bit short.  So, let's not say goodbye ~ let's say see you later.  Maybe about a month, as at my present pace that's when I'll have a good solid draft done.  Yay!

But the news!  I have a story up, one that I'm very proud of.  It's called "How to Be a Man," and it's up at the wonderful online magazine  Check it out!   I'm one of six writers who were chosen by Russell Rowland to have their work showcased.  (And the lovely Jenny Shank is the books editor. Check out her book The Ringer, just out!) Another of those chosen is my friend Shann Ray, who won last year's Bread Loaf Bakeless prize for his short story collection American Masculine (out soon).  I would also urge you to hang out at NewWest awhile.

Ciao ~ for now.

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