February 15, 2011


Just an observation today. Have you thought about how much faith it takes to begin a writing endeavor? Or a scene or a paragraph or even a sentence? I’m not a traditionally religious person, but in this I believe.

You’re stepping off a ledge into thin air when you embark on your task. You have to believe that the process works, as it always has, and will not fail you. You need faith in your muse or higher power and the goddess or whatever you call it, the source of your creativity. You have to believe that what you write has worth and that maybe it might find an audience. You have to believe that writing makes a difference in the world. Above all else, you have to believe in yourself ~ writing is selfish in the best and worst senses of the term.

Maybe another way to look at is as trust. You have to trust the world and the process and yourself and your audience.

This is why I sometimes tell other writers: “Keep the faith, man.”

Question of the Day:  How do you "keep the faith"?


Rusty said...

I do my best to always be thinking about writing even when I can't do it. This works 85% of the time. The other 15% of the time I have no faith, and sometimes, that balloons up to 50%. Then I find a corner and cry. ;-)

Tamara said...

Oh, gosh, I know! Curled in a ball, pillow over your head, questioning the very meaning of existence! But that's a great idea, trying to keep your head in it all the time. Even if you can't write, thinking about it helps so much.

Thanks, Rusty! I have faith in you!!