January 12, 2011

Piers Anthony Rocks!

I definitely believe as writers we need to give back to our writing communities. There are so many stories out there of greedy unscrupulous writers or publishing professionals who take advantage of others, but there are also so many unsung heroes who take the time to nurture others in our field. Time to sing praises to one such person.

All I can say is that Piers Anthony rocks! An icon in his field, he took the time to read my friend Pembroke Sinclair’s novel Coming from Nowhere ~ to read the whole novel! ~ and give a review. (You can get the full story here on Pembroke’s blog, and you can read the review when comes out in his HiPiers column in February.)

Piers has written so many wonderful books and is known worldwide. Pembroke is, like me, a relatively new author. Nonetheless, Piers did Pembroke the honor of treating her like an intelligent professional. His review points out the strengths of the novel but also realistically evaluates what he sees as its weaknesses.

Here’s a teaser for Coming from Nowhere:
JD does not have a past--at least not one that she can remember--and that makes living life on Mars challenging. With nowhere to go, she is sent to the local military academy where she is trained to become a member of the elite secret police. While there, she becomes a pawn in Roger's struggle for military dominance and Chris's rebellion to overthrow the military regime. She supposedly holds a secret that will change the face of the soldier, but, unfortunately, she doesn't know what that secret is. Her only desire is to find the truth of her existence, and finds herself thrust into a realm where the truth of her past and present is more horrific than she ever imagined.
Go here to see the book trailer.

His generosity astounds and inspires me. I am personally going to go buy three of his novels right now! (Just did.)

Questions of the Day: Which writers inspire you with their kindness and generosity? Do you have any stories like this?

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Pembroke Sinclair said...

It is even more awesome since he's one of my idols!