November 5, 2010

Fun Literary Websites

Today, I thought I’d list some fun literary websites ~ just in case you felt like you were going to be productive today. (Mwa-ha!)

  •  Save the Words ( ~ This great site has a collage of long Latinate uppity words clamoring for your attention. You can sign up to adopt one. I just adopted tortiloquy ~ n. dishonest or immoral speech. As in, He tried to bed me with his tortiloquy. (You’re supposed to use the word in conversation and correspondence as much as possible and, see, I’ve just done it!)

  • Free Rice ( ~ Think you’re pretty smart? Got a honkin vocabulary? Well, you can test it here at this site, while simultaneously donating grains of rice to the World Food Programme. You can stroke your ego while doing good at the same time!

  • Samorost 2 ( ~ What better way to experience narrative than through an adventure game! There’s a free version and then you can sign up and pay just $5 to get the full version. You’re this little guy living on an asteroid, and some evil aliens come to steal pears from you tree and nab your dog at the same time. You have to go save him by figuring out some visual puzzles. A great time waster. (Thanks to the wonderful Kelly Braffet for pointing to this on her site! To see more of her great links, go here:

  • World Wide Words ( ~ Do you, like me, read dictionaries and grammar books just for fun?! Here’s a nice comprehensive list by Michael Quinion (though from a British viewpoint).

  • Videos related to writers and publishing ( ~ Forgive me being self-referential here, but I try to collect word-, writing-, and publishing-related videos on my site. Some are hilarious, some are serious, some are about ideas.

Okay, enough frivolity. I have to get to work!

Questions of the Day: PLEASE PLEASE if you have fun writing sites you go to, let me know in the comments. I’ll add to the list and mention you.

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