August 18, 2010

The Poesy of Bug Love

Have to run out to an appt this morning, so I thought I'd post a poem.  I was messing around with luscious words and funky internal rhythms, having a blast, though looking back now the imprecision of the language bothers me.

The Poesy of Bug Love

Ants at angles, seemingly teeming
Exquisitely arched antenna, collective caress
Subsonic hum - sshh - can you hear it?

Caterpillers pupate, green leaf love
Hands unfolding whirling unfurling resplendent hues
Soft lips brushing, hushing, the air

Spiders softly wooing, tiptoeing
Thoughts strung tight and trailing, moon-dark and paling above
Sleeping silk and satin, still clasp

Lightning bug buzzy, roundly amassed
Picasso in night milk, fluid in time, licentious
Find your way acquiescently

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