November 17, 2009

Today, I’m a Writer

Whew! Well, I wrote today. Only a little, but it was forward motion. And, if you’re a writer, if you’re not moving forward, you ain’t breathing!

(Don’t know how far I want to extend this metaphor. Aren’t sharks cannibals?)

I avoided tackling the story that’s been dogging me and started a new story with just a want. This man wants a spoon. Why does he want a spoon? Because that’s what he uses to put on his shoes ~ a very large kitchen spoon. Why does he want to put on his shoes? Because he has to get away from his girlfriend, who’s an unpredictable shrew. And onward from there.

It’s like standing in front a closed door. Then just turning the handle and cracking it open. This other world reveals itself. The first line is the crack and then the door swings wider and wider, until you step through the door and wonderful things happen.

I woke up grouchy, but now everything’s cherry pie!

What I’m Reading Today: Just a quick bit of Juan Rulfo. This story “The Man” was a bit experimental. It was a man tracking another man who had murdered a bunch of people with a machete. It had the conceit of them almost talking to each other as they scrabbled up a mountain. They aren’t but it’s structured in such a way that the thoughts of one pose questions or follow the other and then point of view skips to the other man. Very interesting.

PS Boy am I a writer today. After I wrote the above, I got the most wonderful acceptance and the most wonderful and heartbreaking rejection. So, all in one day, I was blocked, I wrote, I was accepted, and I was rejected. I don't know if I can take this. KIDDING!

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