March 14, 2014

Beauty Seeped Into Your Bones

Have you ever wondered how the landscapes of your childhood influence your art?  Whether its beauty seeped into your bones?

I have the distinct pleasure of stopping by SunnyRoomStudio today with a guest blog ("The Cool of the Evening After the Baking of the Day") specifically about this question.  Daisy, the propietor of this wonderful space, is such a generous and thoughtful person.  She regularly makes my day with her posts and her cheery hellos on Twitter.  She is one of the amazing people who gathers and bolsters all those around her.  I can't thank her enough.

So please stop by and check it out!  Here's a taste: 
And so the landscape of my childhood, its beauty and loneliness, is inextricably linked to my art, whether it’s writing or photography or something else. It’s the reason I am an artist. And it’s not just because of the beauty ~ it’s also the deep ambivalence it created in me.


Daisy said...

Great to have a Wyoming author in SunnyRoomStudio, Tamara. As a Dakota resident (yes, we're neighbors), I, too, have been deeply influenced by the power of place. It touches something within us that defies explanation; yet, as writers, we must try. Onward.

Tamara said...

Howdy, Neighbor! Yes, onward.

I was struck forcefully this morning about how the drive to create is profound and deep-seated. And our work wells up from our experiences of the world.


Daisy said...

When we tap into our creativity, we experience a sense of strength and well-being. ~ Julia Cameron

P.S. I can't begin to do a fraction of what you mention above, but thank you. You are a bright light in the world.