March 11, 2014

Amazing Book Tour Statistics

Yesterday was the last official day of my How to Be a Man Virtual Book Tour.  I’ve had a wonderful time! Thanks to all the wonderful hosts who had me on their blogs and a special thanks to Roxanne Rhoads at Bewitching Book Tours for her valiant efforts on my behalf.  She rocks! 

Although the official virtual tour is over, I’ll still be popping up here and there, so stay tuned. 

Is it wrong to admit I’m a bit tired of the sound of my own voice?  Hopefully I haven’t inundated you so much that you are too! I’m really excited to get back to doing some other creative projects, like posting photos for my on-again off-again Project 365.

Some amazing statistics:

  • On the  Rafflecopter $100 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card giveaway that ends in 13 hours, I’ve had 9260 entries! Isn’t that amazing?
  • On the Goodreads worldwide giveaway of 20 books, 869 people entered.
  • In the past month, I’ve stopped at at least 21 wonderful sites, including web TV, radio shows, and newspapers, and I have at least five more stops coming up.
  • I’ve gotten wonderful reviews, including a kickass Kirkus review, and generous people have stopped by to review or rate How to Be a Man on Amazon and Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.  (It’s not too late.  If you liked the collection, I would be so grateful if you’d stop by and say a few words about it!)

Above all else, I’m so grateful for your kind generosity!  I hope How to Be a Man is a good read and is its own reward of all you kind attention.

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