June 27, 2012

Secret to Success?

Just a short post today.  I was out on vacation over the weekend.  We went to a family rebellion (reunion) in Omaha.  Lots of fun. 

Then today I took my six-year-old daughter an hour away to get an expander.  She took it in stride ~ which is way different than she was six months ago.  Six months ago, she said, "There's no way. I'm not getting braces, Mommy."  She does that. She gets very afraid.  Her mind works and imagines the worst.  She's always been this way. But today, it went off without a hiccup.

Which made me think about the many challenges in our lives.  They are inevitably painful and transformative and looking back they're necessary. But at the time they're very scary.

Do you suppose one of the secrets to success is being able to discipline yourself in the face of these and to grow, sometimes very painfully?

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