February 3, 2012

Rebecca Tillett, Photographer and Artist

I just love coming across fabulous new (to me) artists.

My latest and greatest?  Rebecca Tillett.  She does these amazing photos and graphic designs! 

(Warning: if you’re touchy about nudity, you might want to proceed cautiously, but you’re going to miss some good stuff.) 

Here is some of her work.

And more here on her Flickr stream.

About Rebecca.

Sometimes, I have the tendency to just completely drift off in the middle of a conversation. Someone once told me I have the greatest laugh but I don’t remember who. I’m terrible with faces AND names. I’ll always ask for a new name at least twice. The first time’s a courtesy, the second is to commit it to memory. I can be extremely unambitious. I’m lucky to have a husband that is the opposite or I’d be calling a box in someone’s backyard my home. But that’d give me something to whine about. Because apparently, I love to whine. If you’ve fallen completely down, you have no where to go but up – I always say. I’m extremely organized but not extremely clean. If my DVDs aren’t alphabetized, it’s the end of the world but a sink full of dirty dishes? Shoot, I’ll get to it tomorrow. I love quotations and am always looking for an excuse to use them. After all “When a thing has been said and well, have no scruple. take it and copy it.” I display obvious signs of OCD with only a few certain things: Where I’ve left my keys when I get home, whether or not I locked the door, whether or not I turned off and unplugged my hair-straightener, and stopping the gas pump in integers of 5 in the cents Amount display. Sometimes it’s impossible for me to spend a day doing nothing. My husband calls me “Busy” (He shortened Becky to “B’ which evolved to “Busy Bee” which has now evolved to just “Busy.”) I’m an only child and developed quite an active imagination as a result. I’m very content being alone but not for long. I’m a citizen of two countries: the United States and Australia. I’m not very close with my family. I don’t have a large family. I will never be someone’s aunt and will probably never be someone’s mother. I own my own home. It’s beautiful and colorful. I recently discovered I love crab cakes despite my aversion to shelled creatures (creepy!). Besides shrimp, I hate all other seafood. I’ve been with my husband for 11.5 years and it literally feels like half that (where is time going?). I have 50% hearing loss in the mid-frequencies in both ears. I’m afraid that people think I’m rude when really, I just didn’t hear them. I’ve gotten to the age where I don’t remember it anymore. (27? 28? Let’s see 2011 minus 1982….). I don’t have much confidence and when I feign it, I’m always fearful someone will figure it out and send a memo out to everyone on the planet. I’m attracted to both men and women but am very selective over women (too short, too smiley, too fake, too pretty). I’ve never wanted a “house on the beach.” I love the smell of rain in the desert. I love big cities but dislike people especially in large quantities. I went to college for 3 years and somewhere in there earned an Associate Degree. I’m one-year into a Bachelor’s. That was 7 years ago. I love to listen to Billie Holiday and reminisce over times long before my own.

Oh, you mean not really about her but what people want to know?

Rebecca Tillett is a graphic designer and photographer currently residing in the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband and two feisty cats. Her work usually rides the thin line between grit, quirky fashion, and the fashionably nude. Tillett has been shooting since the age of 16 — her favorite subjects are naked females, and her favorite sets are anywhere but a studio. She found early inspiration in photographers like Chas Ray Krider, Natacha Merritt, Guy Bourdin and David LaChapelle, and she continues to be inspired by television, celebrities, religion, contemporary artists such as Jaime Ibarra and Chris Anthony, the lurking shadows of society, friends, prude America, illustrators, and anything nostalgic, old, abandoned or left behind. Tillett has been the feature of several one-woman shows, most recently at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome, Italy in 2010. She has also participated in many collaborative shows, domestic and international. In addition to many online features, she has also appeared in publications such as New York Arts Magazine, Psychologies Magazine, Grafuck Book 4, The 2010 Drawgasmic collaborative book, The Best of Black and White (Delius Producing), The New Erotic Photography (Taschen Publishing), and most recently, The Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography (Maxim Jakubowski).

And here is Rebecca herself.

Isn’t she cool?  And you know what else is cool?  We’re related!  I didn’t know that until a couple of days ago.

Great things for you in the future, Rebecca!

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