February 17, 2012

Desirable Advertising

I received the latest copy of Poets & Writers last night, and of course it was what I read as I relaxed in a hot bubble bath.  Some great stuff, as always.  A profile of the lovely Cheryl Strayed, who is also Dear Sugar, about her forthcoming memoir Wild. A great piece by ~ oh no! I've forgotten her name! ~ about jealousy that turns into a great piece about dedication to the art.

But also an observation.  Poets & Writers and the The Writer's Chronicle are almost the only periodicals in which I avidly read the advertisements right along with the text.  I literally read it cover to cover. The ads, instead of being annoying wastes of space, are rife with possibility and information.  Oh! So he's teaching at that school and at those three conferences?  Boy, he gets around!  She's got a new book out. Yay!  Hmm.  That's an interesting possibility.  I could send something there or approach it that way.  When I first read P&W I was overwhelmed by all that I didn't know, but now I know a lot of the names either personally or online or I know of them. Now it feels like a community and inspiration out in this wilderness that is the world.

PS Maura Kelly writes that great piece mentioned above.

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