January 17, 2012

The Tenors Un Limited

Jem, Scott, and Paul, Tenors Un Limited
I had the unparalleled pleasure of seeing the Tenors Un Limited on Saturday! It was great on so many levels.

First of all, oh the pure pleasure of voice. I’m an amateur in all things musical, but even my ear could tell the absolute control and precision and pure ecstasy of the sound. Each member of the group is a master craftsman. The way they would come in just above the note and then fall down ever so slightly and gently upon it. Their harmonies, and the surprise of the low tone coming it at the last minute. The mixture of arias and more popular favorites and their own compositions. Their humor and coming out into the crowd. Inviting the Laramie High School Choir to join them. Don’t you just love when you hear/see/experience master craftsman at work? It gives me chills every time. Not only that, but I was in the frame of mind that is totally open to new experience, and so it moved me tremendously.

Second, Tenors Un Limited are world-class tenors out of the UK, so it was so fabulous that they opened the season at the Griffon Theatre for the Laramie Plains Civic Center. They call themselves the Rat Pack of Opera. The group is made up of Paul Martin, Jem Sharples, and Scott Ciscon. Paul and Gem are from the London, and Scott is originally from Chicago. One of the reasons they were playing in Wyoming is that Paul is married to Lila, a fabulous opera singer in her own right who grew up in Casper and is my great friend Nina’s sister. Small world, no?

Another reason it was so fabulous is this: My mom’s 88th birthday is next Friday. Before the concert, I emailed back and forth with a friend who attended the concert and hosted a dinner the night before (hi, Peter!) and happened to mention that fact and that I was taking her to the concert for her birthday. Since he’s friends of the family too, he let the tenors know that it was a birthday. So, early on in the concert, they said, “So, there’s a birthday in the house?” We sat in the front row, so they came down and serenaded my mom with “Volare”! Oh, it made her whole year, I can tell you! Not only that, but my birthday was last week, and the woman sitting on the other side of us had a birthday the next day. Then after the concert, I bought two of their CDs and they very graciously signed them and came over and talked with my mom. She’s been listening to them ever since. They are not only great performers but so generous as well! Thank you so much, guys.

So, sadly, since I cannot hand you this experience with my words, here’s a video so you can get some small taste. It does not do the experience justice. Oh, and buy their CDs and go see them, if you get a chance!


Gayle Irwin said...

I so agree with your review -- they are fabulous, gracious and entertaining. Saw them in Casper and enjoyed every minute of it. My husband and I also bought a CD. Their version of You Raise Me Up brings chills and tears!

Tamara said...

Weren't they great?! It does, doesn't it!? My mom is still playing the CDs nonstop.

Thanks for stopping by,